We all want a nice quick easy fix that will make our homes more calming and welcoming. Well here is your must-do list that shouldn’t take you much time or money!

· Repaint the walls: Giving your home a fresh lick of paint, to cover scratches and marks, will instantly breathe life into your home.

· Re-arrange your furniture: Why not try moving your sofa away from your walls and give yourself a new perspective on life.

· Re-organise or re-hang your art: Balancing your photos and pictures will instantly lift your room.

· Change your cushion covers, add a new throw. This is a quick easy way to introduce some colour and texture.

· Introduce a new colour: This can be done with fabric, as above, by re-painting entirely or by painting an accent wall.

· Bring in / change plants / flowers: Get rid of any dead or dying flowers or plants. Adding a structural plant will literally add life, and much needed oxygen!

· De-clutter: Live as minimally as possible and keep bits and bobs and knick knacks out of sight. Reducing clutter will make you feel calmer, as well as looking better.

· Add or change an area rug: This can highlight the area, adding texture and colour.

· Buy some new bed linen and fresh towels: Nothing beats the feel of new linens and towels, plus changing up colours can change the look of your bedroom and bathroom.

· Paint a piece of furniture: It’s surprising how great a piece of rickety old furniture can look after a lick of paint.

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