You may well have seen one of our previous blogs ‘Bringing the inside out’, this time we’re talking about bringing the outside in. This is all about blurring the lines between your inside and outside spaces, and combining traditional elements of both in surprising ways.  

When bringing the outside in, we want to create a space that mimics the beauty, shapes and colours of nature in a way that fits your environment and your lifestyle. If you want to design a cosy space, then think of warm autumnal hues and rich wood. If you want a bright and airy space to be active in, then green colours and plants are the way to go.

Here are our top tips for bringing the outside in.

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Play with Plants

The easiest way to bring the outside in is by decorating with plants. Whether you go big with a potted tree or adorn your shelves with adorable succulents, having living, breathing plants in your home will instantly give your space a more natural feel.

Try and think like a gardener when adding plants and flowers to your decor, playing with different sizes, shapes and colour in combination rather than choosing just one statement piece.

One thing we’re seeing a lot of this year are terrariums such as the one below from I Decorate, HK, which require a little less maintenance than larger plants.

Use Natural Materials

If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate natural materials in your inside space. Wood, in all its many forms, is the most versatile of natural materials and pairs perfectly with natural colours.

Stones, feathers, branches and corals also make beautiful decorations, like on this simple and delicate night stand.

Pattern and Colour

Motifs of natural objects, paired with vibrant natural colours like green and orange, are a really fun way to bring the outside in.

Framed paintings of tropical fruits are really popular right now and we adore this bold leaf print wallpaper. Bragg & Co have mirrored many of the green hues of the leaf design in the rest of their furniture and accessories to really bring everything together.

Think Seasonally

As the weather is getting chillier in the Northern Hemisphere, you can bring some warmth to your interiors with those fabulous autumnal colours that are being framed by your windows, doors and skylights. No matter where you are in the world, there is something comforting about the warm hues of autumn that can really transform a space into a home.

We love the orange persimmons in the below room styled by Bragg & Co, mirrored in the wallpaper and pillow. In fact, different coloured cushions are a great way to change up your room seasonally.

Literally bring the outside inside

If you have an outdoor space that you use often, why not mimic your outside decor but inside? Think outside the box and use outside furniture and lighting to create a smooth transition between the inside and out.  One of our partners Everything Under the Sun have a great selection of outdoor rugs, lighting and accessories that wouldn’t look out of place in a living or dining room.

With all these tips we recommend that you work with your natural environment.

If you live by the ocean, channel blue hues and ocean inspired art. If you live near a forest, then think foliage and wood. And if you live in the city? Even more reason to get creative and bring natural elements of your favourite location to your inner sanctums.

Feeling inspired to bring the outside into your home? Scroll down to contact us to start your styling journey.

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