With limited space in Hong Kong, people are utilising their gardens, balconies and roof tops more and more as part of their everyday lives. These spaces are merging with the interior, often flooring on the balcony or terrace is matched to create a seamless transition between indoor and out.

Increasingly, people want their outdoor spaces to be as comfortable and usable as their indoor spaces and this means new and different accessories have become popular for the outdoor.
Products such as rugs, art and gas fireplaces were virtually unheard of for the outdoors 10 years ago, however they are now used extensively by outdoor designers and are often requested by clients so they can re-create a living room feel in their outdoor space.

Outdoor rugs are a fantastic way to soften a terrace, or balcony without adding too much cost. Like anything outdoor they do require a bit of maintenance, however they make up for it in spades with the inviting feel they provide.

This Cane-line outdoor rug, paired with lovely soft Cane-Line Divine footstools (both found at Everything Under the Sun, Horizon Plaza), creates a soft and inviting space for kids and adults alike. Who wouldn’t want to walk onto this terrace and have your cup of tea?

Outdoor art can equally create a warm and inviting look. So often the walls of exterior space in Hong Kong are the ubiquitous and cold white, soften them with laser cut metal to your own design or use treated Chinese wood lattice wall decorations. You can also quickly and simply decorate your walls with large coloured Spanish tiles attached to the walls, ensure they match your colour scheme to create a balanced feel in your space.

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