Christmas Shopping. For some, it is the best part of the holiday and for others, the thought of hitting the shops during December only brings a sense of fear and dread. Whichever camp you sit in, everyone can do with a little extra inspiration when it comes to finding the perfect gift. And at The Home Stylist, we believe that you can’t go wrong with homeware and decorations.

So, we’ve scoured the shops and asked all our partners to find a selection of unique and beautiful gifts to share with you this season. All these items are available to buy online or in store in Hong Kong now.

Forever Flowers

From: Amaranthine Blooms

“Our most elegant and extravagant potted orchid is a show-stopping display – it is the finest quality artificial orchid available, incredibly lifelike and is frequently mistaken for the real thing.

It comes complete with 12 orchid stems featuring perfect white flowers and buds, 5 sets of realistic looking leaves and roots and authentic soil set in a white crackle glaze planter with delicate blue rose trellis design.”

Buy online now at for $4,498 HKD

Lights are for life, not just for Christmas

From: Bragg and Co Lighting

“The totally handmade effect to these lamps makes each one unique and special. The depth and texture in each design makes them truly delightful. This colour range is limited in each run that we do so as to keep them fresh and exclusive with reduced production numbers. They are an absolute favourite and we often have clients waiting for each new shipment when we produce them.

Buy online at, from HK$3800. For international purchases contact: or

Hand-crafted with love

From: Ankyra Homes

“Authentic, traditional handcrafted items from Turkey.  A range of items bringing you the taste and class of Turkish style straight to your living room! Well, with the range of merchandise we have on sale, you could pretty much adorn many other parts of your home to give it the luxurious ambience it deserves!”

Buy online at, from HK$ 200 with free delivery.

From: MINT Hong Kong

These decorative, hand-painted dim sum baskets are perfect for keepsakes, jewellery and trinkets and come in a variety of colours. We love the idea of buying a selection of sizes and colours and displaying them together. They would look great in the kitchen or dressing room.

Also from Made In New Territories are these hand painted Chinese letterboxes. This is a really thoughtful gift for someone who has just moved house or really anyone with an eye for unique designs. With something as pretty as this, you might not even want to keep it outside! Think outside the box and use it as a magazine rack or vase for artificial flowers.

Visit their Facebook page for more details and to purchase for as little as HK$ 250.

From: The Hallmark

The Duchess Ottoman from The Hallmark, Abbey Hall Interiors has a quilted luxe character featuring a striking brushed brass or rose gold base; “her royal stature and presence grace any space”. The Duchess uses quilted soft cotton velvet from Dominique Kieffer by Rubeli collection. Several layers of materials are used – cotton velvet, foam, padding and cotton taffeta, they are combined and finished in a special process to give the fabric volume.

Custom made in a range of 6 colours at $4,500, from

Vintage Specialities and One of a Kind Finds

From: Bowerbird

“This masterpiece by Hermes has been handmade in France with extraordinary attention to detail. The process alone is a work of art, as each scarf requires over 2000 hours of labour to engrave up to 43 silk-screens, one per colour, and all applied by hand. Beauty such as this earns the right to be proudly on display.

Bowerbird Home is well known for framing an exquisite collection of vintage scarves. All scarves have been individually sourced and selected based on a variety of factors, but most importantly for their beauty. Other contributing factors include; rarity, condition, artistic movements and the designer/artists repute.

Each scarf has been meticulously hand-sewn to a board, which is then floated within the frame, ensuring not a crease, or fold is present. Framing in such a way not only maintains the original integrity of the scarf but also enables it to be seamlessly removed and worn without any marks or damage.”

Available for purchase online or in store, from HKD $24,990.00

From: Common Room

We love Common Room Home Living for their unique collection of one-of-a-kind pieces and their attention to detail. A peek inside their shop in Princes Building is like venturing into Aladdin’s cave and we always seem to leave with at least one treasure.

This display features many of our favourite finds this season, including the festive German Christmas Carousel and Vintage Brass Elk. The mid-century hourglass stools and vintage black trunk are timeless pieces that would look great in any room and styled in any number of ways.

Visit their shop at Common Room, Shop 230, Princes Building, Central and browse their Facebook page. See prices below.

Mid Century Hourglass Stool

HK$ 8800 for the pair

Vintage Black Trunk

HK$ 7500

Vintage Brass Elk

HK $ 2850

Traditional German Christmas Carousel

HK$ 2500

Festive finds

From:  A Jordan Wills

Buying festive inspired gifts is a lovely way to give something that people can use time and again. We love these luxe Christmas Tree Skirts from Jordan Wills which help create a cosy, Christmas atmosphere. And really, they’d look great as a rug all Winter long.

Order for 85USD/ 680HKD via email or on Etsy.

For the little ones

From:  A Jordan Wills

Buying for children can be difficult when all that is advertised is cheap, throwaway toys and expensive electronics. This gorgeous little tepee from A Jordan Wills is not only fun for your kids, but something you’ll be happy to keep up all year round. Toys that are fun and decorative keep everyone happy! These are easy to assemble and disassemble and come with a carry bag, fairy lights and a faux fur mat.

Order for 125USD/1050 HKD via email or on Etsy.

We hope we’ve given you some great Christmas gift ideas Hong Kong style!

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