…and I for one am always dreaming about having a gorgeous home every day of the year…but especially at Christmas when you have more visitors than usual.

How can we achieve this? Thankfully colour is in this year! So, this festive session, dress your home with rich colours. Create the feeling of warmth with fabulously thick throws, try a plaid one and if possible use some of the colours from your tree to bring the scheme together. Try a warmer colour on your cushion covers, don’t forget always have an odd number of cushions for balance!

The finishing touch to a comfortable festive home is the right scented candle, these look great either individually or grouped together…. check out one of our partners websites www.lilouetloic.com for some amazing scents and ideas (free international delivery).

Effortless Tree Styling

Need some help with your Christmas tree? Here is how the Home Stylist do theirs!

-Place your tree in an area that doesn’t have too much foot fall, the last thing you need is for all your fab ornaments to be knocked off by running kids and over excited pets.

-First thing to go on the tree are the lights, lots of them, in a soft white, please no flashing or multicoloured bulbs!

– Then the garlands, if you’re having them ie beads, ribbon or tinsel (if you must, we prefer not to, but that’s a personal choice).

-Decide on your theme or colour. Create a backdrop or canvas with a solid colour of plain baubles such as silver or gold at the back, so you are effectively layering the tree, then have your more ornate or popping colour decorations at the front of the branch. This year in the magazines I’ve seen a lot of gold and silver backgrounds with a popping red, which looks great

-Don’t forget to decorate the whole tree, yes the back as well….. balance is key. Step back while decorating to make sure that everything is looking evenly spaced.

-Most families want to involve their children, in order to have a ‘family Christmas tree’ with their influence, using their favourite decorations, so make sure you have space and prominence for their pieces too. A Christmas tree is only perfect when everyone is involved!

Alternatively buy one for the children, then they can put all their crap on theirs!! and yours will look even better!

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