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Would you like to make your room more functional than it already is? What does that even mean?

That really depends on the room or spaces you’re working with. In smaller areas, it means taking advantage of every inch and making sure that each room is fit for the purpose it was designed for. This can include using floor to ceiling bookcases, and adding hooks to the wall rather than having a freestanding hat stands.

Then, work out the route that most people take between rooms. Make sure it is clear, and that people do not bump themselves and leave space between furniture items.

Clutter is stressful, so rid yourself of excess documents and knick-knacks lying about. File paperwork, and return items to their rightful place.

Keep items in their place and use rooms as they were intended: keep toys in playrooms or bedrooms, do work in a study or den and keep any hobby/ craft items into the basement or garage. Also, make sure the cleaning items and soft furnishings are in the same room as they are needed: tablecloths in the dining room, tea towels in the kitchen.

Ensure that each room has the right lighting; lamps for mood and ambiance, eating or working in a home office. Make sure that each seat has an easily available surface and a light. Nothing is more annoying than putting your glass of wine on the floor only to have it knocked over by the dog!

Make your relaxing time really relaxing with a functional set up. Also, if you need less than beautiful items out on display, then organise them, there is no need to hide them. It’s functional to have the remote control to hand, and the X-Box out for games, but there’s not reason they can’t go with the flow of the room!

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