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This week we were delighted to provide the floral arrangements for a TV shoot. The lovely Alex Sheldon, CEO and founder of The Home Stylist was being interviewed by Now TV about a flat she had styled in a bid to get her to reveal some of the secrets behind a successful home styling.

Built-in storage and good sofas for a budget

It’s all new at The Home Stylist, the home styling, staging and renovation professionals, with offices in Hong Kong and London. The company has two new recruits and collaborate with Bowerbird Home and Everything Under The Sun.

Prepare homes for Hong Kong’s winter chill

Simple additions and decorating tips can make your space feel cosier during the cooler months

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Upcycling has become a bit of a buzz word in recent years, but don’t be put off by thinking that you have to be creative or arty to give it a go! In today’s World, where we like to use and throw away in order to keep up with fast changing trends, there is great...

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Love this paint

We were recently introduced to Rochelle at okooko Hong Kong by a client.  We were looking to repaint some wooden shelving but didn't want the chalk paint effect.  We got in touch with the amazing Amanda from Made By Mortimer and asked her to see if it would work, how...

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The Story of a Rug

The Story of a Rug Have you ever wondered how a rug is made, or rather, what happened from the design idea to the final rug? Please join us in this trip to Nepal, where handspun wool, custom-dyed colours and weaving hands map the adventure of a rug’s life.   Step 1:...

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How to Mix Patterns

If you love the look of a colourful room, using a variety of patterns, but you are worried that that it just doesn’t go, then read on: You can mix patterns as long as one pattern is larger than the other. 1) keep in mind that various patterns and colors don’t need to...

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Bright, Brilliant Blooms All Summer Long

Say goodbye to wilted and withered blooms and hello to perfect imitation flowers. Summer has finally arrived in Hong Kong and with such vengeance. The scorching sun and soaring temperatures may be perfect for cold drinks and poolside chilling but are less than ideal...

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Bringing the inside out

With limited space in Hong Kong, people are utilising their gardens, balconies and roof tops more and more as part of their everyday lives. These spaces are merging with the interior, often flooring on the balcony or terrace is matched to create a seamless transition...

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Making a space functional

Photo courtesy of Bowerbird Home. Would you like to make your room more functional than it already is? What does that even mean? That really depends on the room or spaces you’re working with. In smaller areas, it means taking advantage of every...

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Old and New

Some of our clients ask if it’s ok to mix family antiques with more contemporary pieces. The answer is a resounding yes! Mixing up the age of your furniture can make the old less staid, and the new a little more interesting. It also adds texture, and therefore depth...

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