Here in Hong Kong, we have an abundance of rooftops, however they are rarely utilised, and in a city where the average price per square foot is the highest of any city in the world, it’s incredible that all this space is left under used.

Well, anyone who’s had access to a rooftop will tell you there are three things that stop them going out there.

  • The weather – too hot/too cold/too windy/too rainy
  • The stairs – it’s just such a pain going up and down those stairs for drinks and food
  • Its ugly – plants die in a matter of days from overexposure leaving straggly skeletons that remind you that you really don’t want to be there

Sounds like there’s good cause to stay away right?

Wrong! there are many solutions to these types of problems that fit any budget, so take a look to find out the best way to get yourself back up top!

  • The weather – Well, we are never going to control the weather, however adding awnings/pergola’s (where allowed) and cheap custom made shade sails will help enormously with heat/rain and sun. Fans (especially misting fans) are a blessing on those hot days and nights, and during winter, fire pits and heaters will let you stay longer outdoors to enjoy that extra rooftop space.
  • The Stairs – Everyone knows it’s an outright pain to bring drinks and food up stairs to a rooftop, and the minute you’ve topped up everyone’s drink, the wine has run out and the ice bucket is full of water and you are back downstairs for another bottle and more ice. This is fixable! Check out this movable table with built in ice bucket from Everything Under the Sun (Gloster Bells Side Table ),

For those with a bigger budget, built in weatherproof BBQ’s and kitchens are being used more and more on rooftops, fridges included which means no more running downstairs for the next bottle of wine.

  • The plants – there are many plants which will actually thrive on a roof, you need to look for agaves and yukkas which give wonderful shapes, and you can underplant these with Mediterranean trailing plants like lambs ear. Equally look for plants that thrive in a Mediterranean environment like Bouganvillea, this will give wonderful colour, see below on this rooftop we have just styled in the New Territories, pink bougainvillea with light blue walls on the roof top is an absolute winner!

So take a look at that neglected roof top space and get planning, your life at home is about to change for the better. If you don’t know where to start, The Home Stylist’s outdoor specialist is ready and willing to help.

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