Storage in the playroom
How does one add playroom storage? The better question is… how much fun can we have?
Over the years storage, especially for toys and items for kids has changed drastically from the days of plain wooden toy boxes. Today, the options are endless! You can have anything: from a functional piece of furniture, to a classical design of yesteryear. You can even dabble in some more obscure and out there ideas. And the joy of endless possibilities? Brilliant!
Rooms for children are their own special challenge. You have to bare in mind the age of the children and their safety, including the ability to leave them on their own in the playroom when discussing storage and other features of the space. Remembering to avoid sharp corners and placing items too high for little ones to reach (you know they will climb rather than asking you to give them a hand!) are just some of the precautions to take.
Also, when designing a space for children, don’t forget that they grow up so quickly and can change their love of pink to green and Toy Story to Star Wars overnight!
How much should you spend? The better question is, how long do you want your storage to last ? Some more permanent ideas cost more, while some cheaper ones can be updated as the years go by.
Here are some ideas for children/kids. This room starts as a playroom and grows into the den that they’ll all want as teens!
Keeping storage low in the early years playroom is key for easy and safe access to books and toys. This wall is great and easy for kids to hang various items such as little buckets for crayons and small baskets of toys. Buy some cheap frames and hang their art around the room… a great way to store all their paintings, and they’ll love it!

Childrens Playroom Storage | The Home Stylist

Low Hanging storage is an easy way to keep floors clear and yet easy for the kids to reach

As they get older, add some rails for more hanging, add some higher storage levels for more items and a greater sense of responsibility. You can paint some chalk board paint on the walls and add in the storage buckets and bins in colours that will last. (HINT: block colours will last longer than patterns as the children get older).

Then when the kids are older and looking for that den rather than the playroom, there is little work that would need to be done. You can continue to use the block colours you have for storing what will now be video games, movies, consoles, headphones, speakers and more. This storage will also now enable them to have somewhere to sit and hang out with their friends.

And don’t forget, create a room that they love! Integrate their favorite colors and their hobbies and interests to have a room that the entire family can love.
Want help creating a playroom that will grow with your child? Call The Home Stylist today!

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