For all staging projects we proudly partner with

 Bowerbird Home

Win over prospects

the moment they walk in

Let’s boost the home’s value in the eyes of your potential buyers or renters. Let’s do something different from other properties in the market. Let’s create an image of a lifestyle that will make your prospects think: “Wow, I can see myself living here”.

The Staging process

Your objective is the most important factor. Are you a landlord aiming to sell your property? A developer looking to build a beautiful investment project? Or are you looking for you new build to be styled beautifully to increase return? Our staging decisions will make the most of your property, to help you achieve this objective.

In the conceptualising stage, we will have a thorough site inspection and brand questionnaire to define your style. Multiple moodboards will be created to pinpoint your styling directions. The standards? Classic and elegant. The goal? Give your property a sense of elegance and comfort, elevate its image, and sell a lifestyle – not just a house.

The balance between beauty and functionality comes next. There are nuances in designing concepts, layouts, and items that will direct attention and psychological attachment, take prospects down the sales funnel, and help you reach your goal. For starters: When decorating shelving, the shelf should be 70% full and 30% empty.

The execution will be done quickly. It will be on-point and it will be done with our partners at Bowerbird Home. We will provide handyman, delivery, and installation services. Meanwhile, we will oversee the entire project to make sure it’s heading in the right direction.

The packages available vary from 1 week to 24 months. It can suit projects of any scales, any budgets, and any kinds of property. When the project is finished, those who stage their investment properties well can achieve up to 17% increase in sales.

With Bowerbird’s curated collection of furniture and homewares, paired with The Home Stylist’s professional and passionate stylists we will substantially improve the aesthetic of your property and its perceived value.

Great taste meets customer insights



and on-target

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