Your home, and no one else’s

No two personalities are completely alike. Their homes shouldn’t be either. The most important part of the project will be getting to know you. The styling part is about translating this knowledge into designs you love.

The Styling process

The first step of the project is defining your personal brand. It is shaped by your past, your ideals, your character, your essence, your tastes and furniture that you currently have in your home. Through a fun questionnaire and intimate conversations, we will discover all of the above. We have mastered the important technique of getting to know our clients through over 100 styling projects.

Next, we will combine what we know about you with our styling expertise, to put together designs you will love. The focus of our designs are to take your existing furnishings and decor and enhance and elevate them to the next level. This is when we’ll start having fun with tricks of the trade. Here’s a small teaser: when hanging a painting, its centre should be 165cm from the floor.

In the execution stage, we also provide personal shopping and handyman services. We’ll take care of the A-Z installation process – anything from painting and upholstering, to decorating.

Your essence

Your heritage





and no one else’s

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