When looking to update the interiors of your home, is it possible to include sustainability in your concept? And if so, can you still create the look and feel you want, or will you run into limitations?

Nowadays, there are so many more ways to use sustainability within home: from upcycling old furniture, (see The Home Stylists previous blog on upcycling: http://thehomestylist.org/2017/06/upcycling) , to accessories and pieces that are available on the market, the possibilities are endless.  We believe that trying to be sustainable in your home is not limiting to the design and ‘look’ of your home, but rather can open a whole new realm of possibilities while eliminating waste.

We recently met and partnered with two companies: eicó and Rug Your Life who both offer exciting sustainable products with quality that really stands out amongst their contemporaries in the market.

eicó paint

Being environmentally and eco-friendly is not just about offering a low VOC paint. If eicó paint genuinely merits its environmental credentials, the whole production process, including its transport needs to be taken into account.

Their Icelandic plant only manufactures 100% pure acrylic paints, utilizing the country’s abundant source of geothermal and hydro-power energy. Meanwhile their Swedish counterpart has progressively increased its green credentials and is anticipated to have 100% renewable energy use by 2017. They also utilize the unfilled space on Icelandic ships in order to minimize their carbon footprint.

eicó paints do not contain any NFEO’s, APEO’s, formaldehyde and contain either very low or 0% VOC’s. Furthermore, they have benchmarked eicó paints according to the toughest VOC standards (the European Union) of anywhere in the world – this means that eicó paint VOC’s are measured at 250 degrees Celsius.

Their paints are long lasting, non-yellowing and have excellent colour retention. The minimal odour of the paints together with their durability, make them ideal for children´s playrooms, schools and hospitals. They are also suitable for those who are chemically sensitive or have respiratory problems. In addition to widespread use in residential premises, they have also carried out considerable work on behalf of hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings and plenty of street art projects.


Rug Your Life:

What to do with the endless piles of plastic bottles that are thrown away each day? One of the most innovative and great-resulting options is turning them into yarn through a mechanic process and create amazing works of art, like rugs! Yes, really, rugs! We love their rugs especially their rugs made from recycled plastic bottles:

Do they feel like they are made of plastic? Nope. They feel much more like wool or sisal. They are soft and nice to touch, however, they have all the convenient features of plastic, such as humidity and stain resistance. This make them ideal rugs for under the dining table, for the kitchen or for the terrace or balcony.

With our partners Rug Your Life http://www.rugyourlife.com, you can create your very own custom rugs handwoven with recycled PET. They are always happy to help with design ideas if you are undecided or they can turn your own designs into the best handmade rugs. Mention our partnership code THS2505 when contacting them.


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