Wallpaper has definitely made a comeback. And this time, there is certainly a real sense of drama. Feature walls, a favourite of interior TV shows, really cheapened the use of wallpaper. To be honest, I am not sure they ever really looked that good! Something we have seen a lot of recently is framing or stretching a piece of wallpaper and hanging it as a piece of art. This can look really effective, especially as there is so many fabulous designs out there.
So, why do people dislike wallpaper? Having done some research on this, the continuous theme seems to be the trouble it takes both putting it up and taking it down. The other is that it’s tacky or old fashioned.
Is this because they don’t know what is out there?
If there are so many reasons to hate wallpaper, then why do people like it?

  • It’s a great way to add drama to an uninspiring room.
  • I It saves having to spend money on expensive pieces of art (a wall filler).
  • It’s versatile, can be used anywhere, though favourites in a home tend to be the dining room and the smallest room in the house ‘the washroom’.
  • Adds warmth and depth to a room… please refer to our blog on texture.

There are currently some amazing designs out there. Check out this Kerri Brown wallpaper:

Kerri Brown is an Australian set designer who has been nominated for an Academy Award. This is a continuous piece and doesn’t repeat.
Wedgwood: An English Classic, this brand will not only bring you the classics but will also give you a touch of the drama that is currently very ‘in’ in the wallpaper world.

Farrow and Ball, not just a paint company but also creates fabulous wallpaper. They base their paint colours and wallpapers upon historic colour palettes and archives, see this Tessella wallpaper:

There are some amazing designs currently available which I believe would definitely question those who are in the “don’t like” camp and even the ‘Feature Wall’!
Want to see how wallpaper can spruce up you space? Call The Home Stylist today!

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