Firstly, simply send us a slection of photos of the room you’d like to improve (from your phone is fine) and answer some super speedy questions about your preferences and your home life. We then get back to you with lots of lovely ideas to reconfigure and enhance your space.
Because a Stylist doesn’t have to come to your home and make the changes for you, it’s more cost effective and less time consuming than a regular home styling session.
You can then do the improvement work yourself in your own time at a time that suits you and your budget, engaging your family too if you wish!
There is no need to be at home to meet with a stylist and therefore, great for busy people on the move that have limited time and, of course, it can be done from anywhere in the world!
It offers a little taster of what The Home Stylist can offer, a ‘tester’ if you like, to see if you would like to use a stylist more extensively, if you like our ideas without investing much time or money initially.
Online styling reports come packed full of ideas and pictures to show you what you could do. We can even provide personal shopping services afterwards or advise on where to buy specific items (sometimes at trade discounts). Drop us a line at if you’d like to learn more or set up a session!

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