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Love Your Lighting with these Stylish Tips

One of the essential elements of Home Styling isn’t necessarily design in a traditional sense; it’s atmosphere. And if there were only one tip we would give all our clients and home styling amateurs, it’s to not forget the importance of lighting. “Because lighting...

Your Living Room

Two of the most common things we're asked at The Home Stylist in regards to people's Sitting rooms/Lounges/Living rooms are:  How do we make it flow?  Why doesn't it feel right? Making a living room flow is all about the placement of furniture and that all important...

Sustainability for Interiors

When looking to update the interiors of your home, is it possible to include sustainability in your concept? And if so, can you still create the look and feel you want, or will you run into limitations? Nowadays, there are so many more ways to use sustainability...

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